Immergas Digital Remote Control Instruction Manual

My parents have recently had a new central heating/hot water system installed in their house in New Zealand, they have a very smart Immergas Digital Remote Controller (model 3.016362) for it. Sadly the installer didn’t leave them an instruction manual for their new controller so they didn’t know how to set it up to their requirements.

Immergas Digital Remote Control for central heating / hot water system

Immergas CRD Digital Remote Control

I searched and searched for an instruction booklet but I couldn’t find anything on the internet, however I did find the Immergas website. I emailed the company (they are in Italy) asking for help and within 30 minutes I had a reply with the English version of the instruction manual attached as a PDF file. Very good service from Immergas.

It appears that the manuals are on the web, but only on a portal reserved for Immergas’s service centres. So with their permission I publish the PDF document here so that anybody else with the same problem can find the solution.

PDF file Immergas CRD Digital Remote Control 3.016362 Instruction Manual

I hope it is useful to someone.

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  1. EVE says:

    Thank you for sharing! I was searching for the english version and I found it here…:)

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