Search Engine Optimisation

Optimising for Organic Search

Optimising your site for organic search means making sure your site comes well up the list of results when someone is searching for your product. You can also pay for search engine positioning, these "sponsored links" are usually displayed beside or above the organic search results for your search.

Our websites have search engine optimisation built in, they are designed from the start to perform well in searches. A lovely website that no one can find is just a waste of money. Vanessa Fox at Google has written a good brief overview of designing to build your audience.

There are many myths about search engine optimisation, there are a lot of people charging a lot of money to get your site seen. It is possible to constantly tweak your site (or sites) to gain small advantages in search engine positioning but the best method is to have well presented and well thought out content. If people will find it useful and interesting then search engines will rate it well.

Keywords are very important when optimising a site for search engines. Keywords are the words that you put into a search engine when looking for something. We will discuss keywords with you before designing your site. A large part of Search engine optimisation is about getting the key words right, too general and it will be impossible to get a good search engine ranking, too specific and you will come top in the search engine rankings for terms that nobody is searching on.

Paid Search Engine Positioning

Sometimes organic search results just aren't going to give you the position your product needs. It always takes time to get to a good organic position so you may want to use Pay per Click or similar advertising to boost your position until organic traffic builds up.